Do a Social Media Cleanse

Professional Development

cleanseThis time of the year is quite popular for crafting life, career, and health goals. Media is replete with ads catering to this annual ritual. One popular activity is to do a nutritional Detox or a Cleanse. I am not qualified to evaluate these but they do trigger a different kind of cleanse that is relatively new. I do it many times a year and recommend it you. I call it a Media Cleanse.

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Emotions in Performance

Personal Effectiveness

Make Stress Work for You

In a well-intentioned attempt to bring attention to the issue, for the past 30 years, trainers and coaches have underscored the negative effects of stress. But what if this negative focus is actually making things worse? Our body’s stress reaction can actually have performance-enhancing benefits, if we can re-frame it, harness it, and use it to our advantage. Read the full article at HBR. Continue reading

Passion in the Workplace

Creating passion and purpose in the workplace is the essence of great leadership and the hallmark of a best-in-class organization. Passion in the workplace fundamentally comes from the EQ component, motivation.

Let’s look a little more closely at the factors that lead to passion for our work. Continue reading

Reward and Recognize

In the spirit of the month of Thanksgiving, this month we take a look at rewards and recognition. The beauty of rewards and recognition is that anyone can do it–a budget isn’t needed and neither is authority.

You can look at rewards and recognition from three perspectives: Continue reading

Giving Upward Feedback

Upward feedback is feedback from subordinates to managers. It can be structured, as part of an organizational process or 360 assessment, or it can be unstructured, where it is delivered spontaneously. Continue reading

Business Impact of Learning

As we have seen in recent times, a tough financial situation inevitably leads to budget cuts and almost always, training and development budgets get cut first. The reason for this is that it is not clear to the executives, and CFOs in particular, how continuous learning impacts their business. To those outside of the human capital profession, it is not very intuitive that in tough times, the right answer is actually to invest more in professional development so that new ideas are explored and harnessed, and therefore can manifest necessary business changes which can help the company get out of the downturn faster and come out better prepared for the new business climate. Continue reading

Multiple Learning Modalities

We all learn differently. Personality differences, motivators, and previous experience with the content all interact to create a unique personal learning style. Extraverts may prefer collaborative learning in a face-to-face atmosphere. Assertive individuals may clarify their thought through a stimulating debate. Introverts may find their learning moment as they reflect on their own thoughts after writing them down. Visual learners may need to see a video before the new information clicks. Continue reading